Attention Spanish professionals embarking on international assignments! A groundbreaking update to your social security has arrived. The Spanish government has enacted Order ISM/835/2023, dated July 20, 2023, redefining and reinforcing your social security rights while working abroad. Let’s unpack this vital legislation that promises to keep your welfare on par with your global ambitions.

Understanding the New Social Security Landscape:

The Foundation:

Who is a ‘Displaced Worker’?

The Four Cases Explained:

Case A:

Case B:

Case C:

Case D:

Ensuring Continuous Coverage:

Cases A and B – Maintaining Status Quo:

Case C – Voluntary Extension:

Case D – Elective Affiliation:

Operationalizing the Agreement:

For Cases C and D:

Reporting Dutives:

Financial Aspects: Contributions and Collections:

A Closer Look at Benefits:

Protective Actions for Cases A and B:

Focusing on Cases C and D:


With Order ISM/835/2023, Spain is setting a new precedent in protecting its workforce abroad. This legislation not only updates previous norms but expands the safety net for Spanish professionals worldwide, ensuring that their social and financial welfare is secured, regardless of where their job takes them.

This comprehensive guide is your starting point to understanding these changes. For those interested in exploring the intricate details of this Order, we invite you to delve into the full text available on the official bulletin.