As expert lawyers in global mobility, our firm provides quality services in immigration matters, offering best possible assistance. Here’s a summary of the services we provide:

Our team can help individuals with citizenship applications, which may involve meeting specific requirements, such as residency periods, language proficiency, and demonstrating integration into Spanish society.

We help relatives of European citizens who live in Spain (spouses, children, non-registered couples) to get their EU family member card.

Our team caters to digital nomads, individuals who work remotely for foreign companies. We can provide guidance on visa options, legal considerations, and requirements for digital nomads looking to reside in Spain, assisting with whole procedure.

Our team offers support to entrepreneurs who wish to establish businesses in Spain. This includes assisting with business visas, work permits, tax registrations, and checking legal requirements to set up a new business.

Our team assists individuals and companies in obtaining work permits in Spain. This includes understanding the different types of work permits available, preparing the necessary documentation, and ensuring compliance with immigration regulations.

For those students who want to work as intern with a Spanish entity after getting their university degrees in any country, explaining best options, preparing necessary documents, and reducing any risk of rejection.

We help students who finalize their university degrees in Spain to stay here in a legal way to seek a job opportunity.

Our team offers services related to the Golden Visa program, which grants residency to foreign investors who make a significant financial investment in Spain. We can assist clients with the application process and provide guidance on investment options.

Our team assists individuals seeking non-lucrative visas, which allow to live in Spain without engaging in paid employment. We can guide clients through the application process and ensure compliance with the visa requirements.

Our team assists students who wish to study in Spain, helping them obtain the necessary student visas and navigating the immigration process related to their studies.

Our team offers support for family reunification cases, assisting individuals with  bringing their family members to join them in Spain and navigating the relevant immigration procedures.

Our team can help individuals who meet the requirements for “arraigo social, laboral, familiar o por formación”. We can guide clients through the application process and provide necessary support and information to get a successful outcome.

By offering a wide range of services in immigration matters, BLC can provide valuable support to individuals and companies seeking solutions with their global mobility matters.

Consultations will be answered within the next 24 hours and start living the life you want.


Our team specializes in assisting companies with global mobility matters. We understand the complexities involved in expatriation procedures, international talent hirings, company transfers, and business trips, and we offer comprehensive support to streamline these processes.


In addition to our core services of assisting with immigration matters for individuals and employers, we offer other specialized legal services in various areas. Here are some additional services we provide: Legal Consultation, Document Translation and Notarization.