As experts in global mobility and corporate immigration, BLC can play a crucial role in supporting companies which are navigating through the complexities of international workforce mobility. Some key areas and services where our firm can provide support:

The team of BLC assists companies with their global mobility matters, in order to comply with immigration laws and tax requirements for their international talent. This includes preparing immigration plans, ensuring compliance, and managing the necessary documentation and processes.

BLC helps companies secure work and residence permits for their international hirings. This involves understanding the specific requirements of each country, preparing and submitting applications, and ensuring timely approvals, along with supporting employees along the whole process in a very personal way.

We also support companies and candidates with obtaining residence permits for employees’ dependents. This may include spouses, non-registered couples, children, or other eligible family members, ensuring they can join and move with the employee to the host country.

BLC provides with tax assessment and tax registrations related to international workforce mobility. This includes deep study of international talent situation from a tax perspective, helping to smooth tax obligations and compliance, planning tax strategy for both, employers and employees.

Providing up-to-date knowledge of immigration laws and regulations to help companies understand their compliance obligations. Our firm can offer guidance on maintaining legal status, fulfilling reporting requirements, and mitigating risks associated with immigration regulations.

Offering ongoing support to manage employees’ immigration needs throughout their assignments or transfers. This includes handling visa renewals, extensions, and addressing any changes in immigration status or employment circumstances.

Assisting companies in developing immigration policies and procedures that align with their business objectives and comply with relevant immigration laws. Providing training sessions to educate company personnel on immigration compliance and best practices.

By offering these services, BLC assists companies in efficiently managing their global mobility needs. With our expertise, companies can focus on their core business activities, recruiting the talent they want, and forgetting about the complexity of relocation process, creating a trustful environment with us.

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Comprehensive assistance

As part of our comprehensive assistance in global mobility and corporate immigration, BLC follows a step-by-step process to ensure a smooth and efficient immigration experience for our clients. Here are the general steps involved:

Initial assessment

We conduct an initial assessment to understand the specific immigration needs and goals of our clients. This includes evaluating their eligibility, determining the appropriate visa or permit category, and outlining the required documentation and processes, setting real expectations.

Platform file

We open a file in our software platform where we gather and organize all the necessary documents and information related to the client's immigration case. Giving access to the company and candidate if required.

Keep up with every step

We provide with continuous updates and maintain regular communication with our clients, keeping them informed about the progress of their immigration case. This ensures transparency and allows clients to stay informed about the status of their whole process.

Application submission

We assist our clients in preparing and submitting the required documentation to the relevant immigration authorities. This ensures all forms and required documents are completed accurately.

Visa step

We assist with visa applications before Spanish Consulates, booking appointments, preparing documents and forms, and sending concrete instructions to proceed.

Fingerprints and card appointments

Once in Spain, we assist with requesting residence cards before Police station, making appointments, preparing forms, and attending them in person with the employee.

Card Expiration Date

We note residence card expiration dates in our system, in order to inform the company to proceed with work permit renewals with enough time.

Local registrations

Health card, bank account
We guide clients in fulfilling local registration requirements, such as evaluating best tax options by international tax lawyer, registration before Town Hall, obtaining health card, or opening a bank account. This ensures that clients can fully integrate into their new location and access essential services.


We specialize in providing assistance to individuals and their relatives in navigating the complexities of immigration matters. Our services are designed to make the immigration process easier and smoother for individuals seeking to relocate or establish a new life in a different country.


In addition to our core services of assisting with immigration matters for individuals and employers, we offer other specialized legal services in various areas. Here are some additional services we provide: Legal Consultation, Document Translation and Notarization.