In addition to our core services of assisting with immigration matters for individuals and employers, we offer other specialized legal services in various areas. Here are some additional services we provide: Legal Consultation, Document Translation and Notarization.

We offer personalized legal consultations to address specific legal concerns or complexities. Our experienced lawyers provide in-depth guidance, advice, and solutions tailored to individual circumstances. Whether it’s overcoming challenges, understanding legal options, or addressing unique situations, our legal consultations provide clarity and peace of mind.

We provide professional document translation and notarization services to ensure that all required documents are accurately translated and certified. This helps individuals meet the language requirements of immigration authorities and ensures that their documentation meets the necessary standards.

We implement a system to help employees to get documents if they require, such as:

  • Documents apostille or legalization
  • Get their documents faster

Dealing with each assignment with a very personal approach. Wide availability for direct communication between every part of the process, implementing a rapid procedure to save as much time as we can.

Consultations will be answered within the next 24 hours and start living the life you want.


We specialize in providing assistance to individuals and their relatives in navigating the complexities of immigration matters. Our services are designed to make the immigration process easier and smoother for individuals seeking to relocate or establish a new life in a different country.


Our team specializes in assisting companies with global mobility matters. We understand the complexities involved in expatriation procedures, international talent hirings, company transfers, and business trips, and we offer comprehensive support to streamline these processes.