Spanish Nationality

Obtain your Spanish nationality or citizenship

The acquisition of the Spanish nationality or citizenship by a foreigner is a process that is entirely possible and, in some cases, simpler than obtaining some other type of permit to reside in our country. Acquiring the Spanish nationality entails many advantages for the foreigner, who becomes a full Spaniard, with all the benefits derived therefrom.

Although obtaining the Spanish nationality can take some time, at BLC Legal Consulting we believe that the advantages obtained outweighs the disadvantages, and it is indeed the best option for the foreigner who wishes to stay and live in Spain.

Advantages of obtaining the Spanish nationality or citizenship

1º.- You will be considered  a full Spaniard.

2º.- You will be able to work in Spain and in any other EU country.

3º.- You will be able to move and work in the EU without any restriction.

4º.- You will be able to enter and leave Spain and the EU without temporary restrictions.

5º.- It grants the right to vote in Spanish and European elections.

6º.- You will not automatically lose your original  nationality: in many cases you will be granted dual nationality.

7º.- Saving time and money, since you will not need to extend or renew your residence permit in Spain.

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How can we help you?

1º.- We will conduct a detailed study and analysis of the risks and feasibility of your case, and we will offer you a piece of advice on the option that best suits your circumstances.

2º.- We will help you to gather the required documentation to be submitted when applying for your nationality, and we will perform a documentary audit to avoid any refusal risk.

3º.- We will submit your application for nationality by telematic means, acting as Lawyers, which facilitates and expedites the resolution of your file.

4º.- Follow-up of the file and its status until resolution.

5º.- The resolution of your application by the Ministry of Justice can legally take one year. If it does not, there is a way in which we can facilitate or expedite the file

6º.- If your application is rejected, we will review your case and, if we consider it appropriate and feasible, upon your approval, we can lodge the relevant appeals against the resolution. More information here

7º.- Once your application has been approved, and after receiving your resolution, we will request an appointment for the nationality Oath, where we will attend with you.

8º.- The last step is to go to the Police Station to apply for your Spanish passport and ID card.

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Comprehensive advice

We take care of the entire proceedings and help you with everything you need, including the translation of the required documentation.

Direct contact

Our legal and financial team will be at your disposal in order to solve any doubts or queries that may arise throughout the proceeding.

Common ways to obtain your Spanish nationality or citizenship

1º.- Nationality via Residence

2º.- Nationality via Option

3º.- Nationality via Simple Presumption Value

4º.- Nationality for children of foreigners born in Spain

5º.- Nationality via Marriage