Non Lucrative Visa

Get your Non Lucrative Residence authorisation

This type of visa is aimed at those foreigners who wish to reside in Spain but who will not carry out any work activity in our country, and shall only prove that they have sufficient economic funds for their living in our country during their residence.

It is especially aimed at those foreigners who wish to spend their retirement in Spain, and reside in our country as well as at all those who currently, and especially if we consider nowadays working conditions, can develop their work via telematic means or remotely, living meanwhile in Spain, or also at those foreigners who intend to work here and, in order to get their work permit, they first reside in Spain with this type of visa, and,  after a year, they will be able to obtain a work permit in a much simpler and easier way.

Advantages of this permit

1º.- Simple process which shall be initiated personally by the foreigner or his/her legal representative at the Spanish Consular Office in the country of origin.

2º.- The resolution shall be reached between 2 and 3 months.

3º.- The holder will be able to study and undertake internships in Spain.

4º.- The holder shall not work in Spain, but he/she can work remotely or via telematic means for another country instead.

5º.- The holder may invest in Spain.

6º – The holder of this permit will be able to travel along all the Schengen Area countries in a completely free and unrestricted manner.

7º.- The applicant may add to his/her own application his/her spouse’s and children.

8º.- Its duration is one year, renewable or extendable in the first instance for another two years.

9º.- After one year of legal and continuous residence in Spain with this visa, the holder, upon requesting its renewal or extension, may change this type of permit for a residence and work permit as an employee or self-employed person, and may work once it has been granted.

10º.- It allows to be granted with the Spanish citizenship  after the corresponding residence period for each specific case has gone by, with the benefits that this entails.

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1º.- We will analyse your case, and conduct a risk and feasibility analysis. Afterwards, we will advise you on the best option according to your specific case.

2º.- Should the application be considered feasible, we will gather with you the necessary documentation to apply for the permit. In our services you can also ask for a documentary audit, so as to ensure that everything is correct before submitting it.

3º.- We will request your appointment at the corresponding Spanish Consular Office for your application submission.

4º.- We will follow up the process until the non-lucrative residence visa is obtained.

5º.- We will advise you on the periods for entry to Spain once the visa has been obtained.

6º.- Once in Spain, we will request an appointment for you to obtain your foreigner’s identification card. We will accompany you to that appointment and will gather together with you and advise you on the necessary documentation required for this last procedure.

7º.- About a month after your Foreigner’s Identification Card application, we will request an appointment to collect it, accompanying you through the process, thus satisfactorily reaching the end of your process.

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Requirements in 2021 for granting the Non-Lucrative Residence Authorisation

1º.- Absence of criminal record in Spain as well as in the countries in which the foreigner has resided for the last 5 years.

2º.- The holder shall prove sufficient economic funds, amounting to 400% of the IPREM, which in 2021 would mean proving to be in possession of 27,115.20 EUR. (we recommend to be in possession at least of 30,000 EUR,  to avoid unnecessary risks).

3º.- Should you bring a family member, in addition to the aforementioned economic funds, you will have to additionally accredit 100% of the IPREM for each member that comes with the holder, that is to say, in 2021 around 6,778.80 EUR for each family member (we recommend to be in possession, at least, of 7,000 EUR for each member)

4º.- To hold a private medical insurance in Spain, with coverage similar to that offered by the Spanish Social Security system, without waiting periods or co-payments, for a minimum duration of one year.

General documentation

1º.- Official application form.

2º.- Passport or travel document, recognized as valid in Spain.

3º.- Criminal record certificate issued by the authorities of the country of origin or of the country or countries in which he/she has resided during the last five years.

4º.- Documentation certifying the applicant has the financial means requested for the specific period.

5º.- Medical Insurance contracted with an insurance company operating in Spain.

6º.- Medical certificate.