Obtaining NIE, EU NIE or TIE

Get your residence card to live in Spain

The NIE is the number assigned to a foreign person and which identifies him/her in our country, whether or not he/she resides in Spain, with which he/she can carry out any procedure here, both at an administrative level and at an individual level (purchase and sale of housing, personal property, incorporation of companies, etc.). It is granted to both third country nationals and EU nationals.

The EU NIE, or European Union Citizen Registration Certificate, is the card granted to any foreigner coming from another European Union country or from another signatory country of  the Agreement on the European Economic Area or Switzerland, who intends to reside in Spain for a period of more than three months, being then obliged to apply for his/her registration in the Central Register of Foreigners, granting them this certificate or EU NIE.

The TIE is the identification card that a foreign person residing in Spain must own, with which, apart from identifying and determining the residence type he/she holds in Spain and the duration of the permit, the foreigner can travel outside the Spanish territory and return without any problem, as long as the card is in force and the individual has not been outside Spain for too long.



1º.- It allows the holder to be identified in Spain, without the need to reside here.

2º.- In principle, it can be acquired abroad (Spanish Embassy or Consulate in the foreign country) or in Spain (Police Station). If requested in Spain, it shall be done personally or through a representative.

3º.- The holder will be able to carry out bureaucratic procedures with our Government.

4º.- The holder will be able to operate within the economic and financial market of Spain: he/she will be able to carry out purchase and sale of real estate, personal property, incorporation of companies, etc, in accordance with his/her economic, professional or social interests in Spain.

5º. Once granted, the foreigner will be identified in Spain with the same number for any administrative, economic, financial or social operation carried out in Spain.

6º – In some cities it can be obtained immediately when requested, while in others it takes about 5 days after being requested.


1º.- All those foreigners who are nationals of a member country of the EU, the EEA or Switzerland and intend to reside in Spain for a period of more than three months must apply for it on a mandatory basis.

2º.- It allows the nationals of any of these countries to be identified in Spain.

3º. The holder will be able to carry out other bureaucratic procedures with this certificate more easily (reunification of family members who are nationals of third countries, for example).

4º.- It is usually obtained immediately at the time of application.


1º.- All those foreigners who intend to reside legally in Spain and who have been granted a residence or stay permit to do so, must apply for it on a mandatory basis.

2º.- It allows the holder to be easily identified. It will be the ID of the foreigner in Spain, accrediting his residence or legal stay in Spain.

3º.- You will be able to travel outside our borders and return without any problem, as long as the card is in force.

4º.- Depending on the type of permit granted, the TIE accredits the reasons why the foreigner is in Spain, whether he/she is authorized to work and the duration of his/her permit

5º.- The card is obtained about one month after its application, although it will depend on the type of permit, place of application, etc.

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1º.- We will analyse your case, and we will recommend you if it is indeed advisable to apply for the NIE, NIE UE or TIE.

2º.- To apply for your NIE, we will offer you the possibility of applying for it through a representative, and we will be in charge of this application in Spain. 

3º.- We will advise on the necessary documentation, carry out documentary audits and prepare forms and authorizations.

4º.- We will ask for an appointment to apply for NIE, NIE UE or TIE, depending on the case, where we will attend. The NIE, in principle, will be delivered on the spot.

5º.- We will request a new appointment for collecting the NIE UE or TIE, where we will attend with the holder.

6º.- We will register in our system the expiry date of the NIE UE and of the Foreigner’s Identification Card, in order to notify the holder in the future of its expiry so that he/she can proceed with its renewal beforehand.

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General documentation

Temporary NIE

1º.- Official application form.

2º.- Original and copy of your complete and valid passport.

3º.- Communication of the economic, professional or social reasons that justify the application for the NIE.

4º.- If the application is made through a representative, sufficient power of attorney stating that he/she is authorised to submit the application.

EU NIE or EU Citizen Registration Certificate

1º.- Official application form.

2º.-Passport or national identity card valid and in force.

3º.- Accreditation of the specific circumstances: employed person, self-employed person, student or person who does not work in Spain or a family member of one of the above.

Foreigner's Identification Card (TIE)

1º.- Official application form.

2º.- Passport.

3º.- Resolution granting the corresponding residence or stay permit.

4º.- Fee payment receipt.

5º.- Census certificate.

6º.- A recent colour photograph, with white background, passport size.

7º.- If a duplicate of the TIE is being requested due to theft or loss, a complaint must be filed.