Family Reunification

Regroup your relatives in Spain

In Spain, a foreigner holding a residence or stay permit can regroup, in several ways and possibilities, his/her closest relatives in our country as long as his/her own permit is in force, although the specific way will depend directly on the type of permit or visa with which the holder is living in Spain.

However, in this case we will only refer to the family reunification of those foreigners who reside in Spain with a general regime permit (should this not be your case, please refer to the services for each  type of permit).

Advantages of this permit

1º.-The holder of a residence permit in general regime in Spain may bring his/her closest relatives with him/her.

2º.- In the event that the family members regrouped are the spouse, partner and children of working age, they will be entitled to work in Spain as employees or self-employed, throughout the Spanish territory, in any occupation and sector of activity. So as to conduct such professional activities, they won’t be required to carry out any administrative proceedings.

3º.- The applicant shall submit it in person at the Immigration Office in the province where he/she resides.

4º.- The Immigration Office has, theoretically, a legal deadline of 45 days to resolve the application, although in many cases it takes longer

5º.- The residence permit for family reunification can be easily renewed, and the authorities have a deadline of 3 months to resolve the application. After that period, if the resolution has not been issued, the renewal will be considered to have been granted as per positive administrative silence.

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How can we help you?

1º.- We will study your case, conduct an analysis of refusal risks and verify the feasibility of requesting your family reunification.

2º.- We will gather, together with you, the documentation required for your family reunification, and conduct a documentary audit to verify that everything is correct and avoid any refusal risk.

3º.- We will ask for an appointment for the reunification application, where we will attend with you.

4º.- Should we receive any requisition from the authorities during the handling of the dossier, we will respond and resolve it immediately. 

5º.- Once a positive resolution has been obtained, we will offer you some advice on the visa application for your family members at the Spanish Embassy or Consulate in the country of origin. In the event of a negative decision, we will re-examine the options and lodge the appropriate administrative appeals.

6º.- Once your family members, who have been reunified, arrive to Spain, we will book the corresponding appointment so as to apply for their residence card. We will gather all the required information thereof, and we can accompany you to that appointment, if you wish so.

7º- About a month later, we will request an appointment to pick up your reunified family members’ residence card. We can accompany you to that appointment, if you wish so.

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We take care of the entire proceedings and help you with everything you need, including the translation of the required documentation.

Direct contact

Our legal and financial team will be at your disposal in order to solve any doubts or queries that may arise throughout the proceeding.

Requirements in 2021 for granting the Residence Authorisation for Family Reunification

1º.- The family members who can be reunified  are:

  • Applicant’s spouse, registered partner or unregistered partner.
  • Applicant and spouse or partner’s Children, including adopted children (provided that the adoption has legal effects in Spain), under eighteen years of age or disabled persons.
  • Legally represented by the applicant, under eighteen years of age or who have a disability.
  • Applicant’s or his/her spouse or partner’s first-degree ascendants: the applicant shall be a long-term resident or a long-term EU resident, , should they depend on him/her, should they be over sixty-five years of age and there exist grounded reasons that justify the need to authorize the residence in Spain.
  • Ascendants under sixty-five years of age, exceptionally, when there are humanitarian reasons (disabled, under guardianship, living with the reunited person in their country of origin, etc.).

2º.- The applicant must have resided legally and continuously in Spain for at least one year, and must have renewed his/her permit for at least another year.

3º.- The applicant must have sufficient financial means to meet his/her needs and those of his/her reunited family members. 

4º.- The reunified persons must have no criminal record.

General documentation

1º.- Official application form.

2º.- Copy of the complete passport and Foreigner’s Spanish ID Card Number of the applicant.

3º.- Documentation which certifies he/she  has sufficient economic funds to support the reunited family members.

4º.- Adequate housing report.

5º.- Copy of the complete passport of the reunited family members.

6º.- Accreditation of the family bonds.

7º.- Medical insurance for reunited family members.

8º.- Criminal Record Certificate of the reunited family members (for visa processing).