Court Proceedings

At BLC Legal Consulting our own department of procedural law, with lawyers specialized in the different areas of law, especially in Contentious administrative, Labour, Civil (matrimonial, claims for payment, inheritance, etc), Criminal and Penitentiary, offers you our legal assistance to solve any problem that may arise.

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Consultations will be answered within the next 24 hours

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How can we help you?

1º.- We will carry out a comprehensive assessment of your case.

2º.-We will represent you from the beginning of the corresponding legal proceedings until its completion.

3º.- We will draft lawsuits, replies, appeals or claims.

4º.- We will represent you in the courtroom along the corresponding legal proceedings.

5º.- You will be able to contact the lawyer in charge of your case at all times during the proceeding, who will solve any doubts or queries that may arise.

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Comprehensive advice

We take care of the entire proceedings and help you with everything you need, including the translation of the required documentation.

Direct contact

Our legal and financial team will be at your disposal in order to solve any doubts or queries that may arise throughout the proceeding.