Obtain your arraigo or temporary residence due to exceptional circumstances

This type of permit is aimed at all those foreigners who are living in Spain illegally or irregularly, but with sufficient family, social or work roots so that it can be considered that their life is linked to Spain. Through this process they can regularise their migratory situation in our country.

Depending on the roots that the foreigner has in Spain, he or she may apply for three types of roots:

  • Social arraigo.
  • Employment arraigo.
  • Family arraigo.

Advantages of this permit

1.- Foreigners in an illegal situation in Spain will be able to regularise their situation.

2 – The residence permit is granted for a period of one year, after which the foreigner may change his or her residence permit for a residence and work permit as an employee or as a self-employed person.

3.- This situation (arraigo) will allow the holder to work in Spain unless in some specific circumstances.4- The foreigner in an irregular situation in Spain can regularise his/her situation in three different ways, depending on the requirements he/she complies with: Social, Employment or Family arraigo. 

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How can we help you?

1º.- We will study your case, draft an analysis of refusal risks and verify the feasibility of requesting the arraigo, as well as determining the option that best suits your circumstances.

2.- We will prepare, together with you, the documentation required for your application, and conduct a documentary audit to verify that everything is correct and avoid any refusal risk.

3.- We will ask for an appointment for the submission of your arraigo application , where we will attend with you.

4 – Should we receive any requisition from the authorities, we will respond and resolve it immediately. 

5.- Once a positive resolution has been obtained, we will advise you on the next steps to take, which will depend on the type of roots granted (social, work or family). In the event of a negative decision, we will re-examine the options and lodge the appropriate administrative appeals.

6.- We will then book an appointment for the application of your residence card and will gather all the documentation required for this proceeding. We can accompany you to that appointment, if you wish so.

7- About a month later, we will make an appointment to pick up your residence card. We can accompany you to that appointment, if you wish so.

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