Administrative Appeals Procedures

Has your permit been denied? Was your application been rejected for no reason? At BLC Legal Consulting we are specialized in lodging appeals through both administrative and judicial procedures, trying to offer our clients a comprehensive advice throughout their immigration process, which certainly includes any appeal to be lodged against an administrative decision which may infringe our rights.

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1º.- We will analyse your specific case, the reasons for refusal or inadmissibility set out in the decision, and the feasibility and advisability of lodging the appeal.

2º.- Should lodging the appeal be considered feasible and advisable, our team of lawyers will assess the specific circumstances of your case with you, and therefore, will draft the appeal.

3º.- We will submit the Appeal by telematic means, together with the documentary evidence where we will base our claims.

4º.- Follow-up of the appeal proceedings until its resolution.

5º.- Should the appeal be rejected, we will assess with you your options, from lodging a Contentious administrative appeal, to requesting a new permit which may suit best to your specific circumstances.

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We take care of the entire proceedings and help you with everything you need, including the translation of the required documentation.

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Our legal and financial team will be at your disposal in order to solve any doubts or queries that may arise throughout the proceeding.