If you’ve recently moved to Spain or are considering doing so to work, this information will be extremely helpful. Paying taxes can be overwhelming, but fortunately, the Spanish tax system provides with opportunities for foreigners to save money. In this article, we’ll explain the Beckham Law in Spain—a special tax regime—and how to easily apply for it.

What is the Beckham Law?

The Beckham Law allows foreigners who move to Spain to pay a flat tax rate of 24% on income generated within the country for the first 6 years. Under the Beckham Law, only income earned in Spain is taxed, and progressive taxation is avoided. This law offers numerous benefits, including tax savings, exemption from declaring foreign assets, and exclusion of foreign capital gains. It also extends to telecommuters and family members. Taking advantage of the Beckham Law can significantly improve the financial situation of foreigners in Spain.

To summarize, this special tax regime enables expatriates to pay for significantly lower taxes and save a substantial amount of money. Foreign workers planning to come to Spain can pay for taxes on their wealth and income as if they were non-residents for the initial 6 years.

The Beckham Law is governed by section 93 of the Spanish Income Tax Law and was established in 2004. Its common name is derived from the renowned football player David Beckham, who was among the first to benefit from this law.

Benefits of the Beckham Law:

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We hope you find this information valuable if you are considering the benefits offered by the Beckham Law in Spain. Saving on taxes is indeed possible and can significantly impact your financial situation.